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DPPC, data from the history of monitoring - part 2, period to the year of 1939

23.4.2018 | Michal Randa, redakce
The basic milestone in the post-revolutionary development of alarm monitoring was the development of telecommunications and the gradual liberalization of the market. The changes that we have experienced in the period after 1989, however, only followed the ongoing global trend. Trend, the beginning of which can be found during the Industrial Revolution, specifically in II. the 19th century, when the term telecommunication appeared in the territory of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.

Experimental analysis aimed at function verification of fiber optic sensors

23.4.2018 | Ing. Lukáš Velebil, Ing. Jan Včelák, Ph.D., Ing. Kristýna Čápová, ČVUT v Praze, pracoviště UCEEB, Ing. Milan Dvořák, Safibra Říčany
The paper deals with the experimental analysis aimed at function verification of fiber optic sensors (Fiber Bragg Gratings). The sensors are used for mechanical stress measurement in wooden load-bearing structures. Glued laminated timber beam with built-in fiber optic sensor system was mechanically loaded during two bending tests. The data obtained using the fiber optic sensors were compared with the results of reference measurement method and analytical calculation.

Fire protection of apartment houses

9.4.2018 | Milan Markovič, Facility manager
The article explains some basic terms and obligations in the field of fire protection related to the activity and character of the association of owners of flats (or housing cooperatives) and ensuring fulfillment of obligations in the field of fire protection.

Retrofit in terms of measurement and regulation

26.3.2018 | Ing. Jan Vidim
Measuring and control devices as well as other HVAC systems, run through their lifecycle, at the end of which the system needs to be reconstructed. A key condition for a successful retrofit is to determine the required life of the refurbished equipment.

Projecting weak current III. – fire and lightning safety

19.3.2018 | Ing. Tomáš Mikula
It is taken as given that fire safety rules for buildings do not concern those who install electric devices that are not for fire protection. But that is a big mistake. Fire safety rules for buildings concern everybody who is in an interaction with the building in any way. And lightning protection is disregarded as well.

Projecting weak current II. – legislation, technical standards and the view of the Trade Licensing Act

12.2.2018 | Ing. Tomáš Mikula
What is the status of technical standards in the legal framework? How about the binding nature of technical standards? Are standards required, are they obligatory? If so, on what terms? If not, then what are they good for? And how is designing of the low-current affected by the Trade Licensing Act?

Standards versus habits in the field of technical safety

5.2.2018 | Michal Randa, redakce
Most of the companies that benefit from their history of so-called "commercial security" base their business on the knowledge of legislation and they are aware of the importance of ČSN for their business. But closer attention should be given by those who see security as mere business.

A light pipe prototype temperature testing

5.2.2018 | Ing. Ayodeji Omishore, doc. Ing. Miloš Kalousek, Ph.D., VUT Brno, Fakulta stavební. Ústav pozemního stavitelství, Petr Mohelník, Centrum informačních technologií VUT Brno
A light pipe prototype with a concentrating mirror parabolic head was tested for temperature profiles under solar radiation. The purpose of the testing is to find maximal temperature and estimate potential risks with overheating in the position of the pipe installation into roof structures and materials.
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Economic assessment of energy saving measures in apartment buildings - HVAC systems

5.2.2018 | Ing. Karel Mrázek
The article deals with the economic assessment of energy saving measures as a further continuation of the topic of reconstruction of HVAC systems in apartment buildings. Selection of economical lifespan for selected elements and functional parts with preventive maintenance costs is provided. Finally, an example of the apartment building evaluation is given.
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Documents for the reconstruction of HVAC system in a residential building

22.1.2018 | Ing. Alena Horáková
The first article of the series on energetic reconstruction HVAC systems in residential buildings is focused on the preparation of project with minimum necessary information that should be prior to any commencement reconstruction. In current practice this part is significantly neglected.

Projecting weak current I. – project vs. project documentation

8.1.2018 | Ing. Tomáš Mikula
In the media, the issue of ICT convergence with other fields is mainly described only from a technological point of view. The practical impact on designing and designing buildings is however no longer mentioned. How do you perceive the words project and project documentation you?

DPPC, data from the history of monitoring

25.12.2017 | Michal Randa, redakce
The security services of centralized surveillance appeared in our country in the 1970s. In today's article we will return to the area of ​​alarm and security systems using the permanent exhibition of the Police Museum of the Czech Republic.

Internet of Things Networks in the Czech Republic

6.11.2017 | Ing. Michal Lom, prof. Ing. Ondřej Přibyl, Ph.D.
This article describes the basic principles of Internet of Things and deals in detail with the types of networks for Internet of Things in the Czech Republic and their advantages and disadvantages.
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How the financial support for photovoltaic with accumulation for businesses was improved in 2017?

3.7.2017 | Ing. Petr Novotný, RENARDS dotační, s.r.o.
On June 16, 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced a grant call for proposals under the Operational Program Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Competitiveness, the Energy Savings Program, which offers subsidies for photovoltaic systems with / without accumulation to cover their own electricity consumption of business entities.

GDPR and security cameras in apartment buldings in 2018

5.6.2017 | JUDr. Alena Kučerová
Do you have a CCTV installed in your apartment building? What will happen to you in 2018, when the new European legal framework for the protection of personal data, which is the General Regulation 2016/679, comes into force.
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Indoor environment monitoring platform

15.5.2017 | Ing. Jan Včelák, Ph.D., Ing. Daniel Adamovský, Ph.D., Bc. Jan Mrňa, Ing. Aleš Vodička, Ing. Marek Maška, Univerzitní centrum energeticky efektivních budov, ČVUT v Praze
Indoor environment quality is being more and more discussed topic. Technologies for indoor monitoring are becoming affordable and thus can be installed as autonomous monitoring and indicative systems. It can be used also in connection with ventilation system. In this article there are summarized the most important quantities related to the indoor air quality with its limit values. Particular technologies of sensors are mentioned and new sensor platform for complex monitoring of indoor environment with possible usage for controlling systems affecting indoor environment is introduced.

Temperature measurements by thermocouples during fire tests

24.4.2017 | Ing. Otto Dvořák, Ph.D., ČVUT Praha, pracoviště UCEEB, Ing. Jan Koller, Ph.D., ČVUT Praha, Fakulta elektotechnická (FEL)
The paper describes briefly the problems of temperature measurements during fire tests. To verify the standard requirement an experiment was conducted with three K type thermocouples (TC) of different diameters of wires and lengths of connected cables. TCs were inserted gradually into the el. heating furnace heated at the temperature of 800 ° C with records over time until reaching maximal steady state temperature; TCs were subsequently removed from the furnace and again with recording temperatures during cooling to the room temperature. The results are shown in the table and graphs. The experiments have confirmed that the sensitivity /response of TC to fluctuating temperatures of the gaseous medium depends on the diameter of the TC. It is obvious that these findings could have practical use in the field of fire protection.

Cables and requirements for their fire resistance

20.4.2017 | Peter Homola, Asociace výrobců kabelů a vodičů ČR a SR
In case of free laid cables which are not covered by plaster it is required that the & nbsp; designated fire compartments had isolation with reduced content of halogens causing formation of harmful substances such as hydrogen chloride when the cables are exposed to fire.

Increasing water mist extinguishing effect by electrification

17.4.2017 | Ing. Otto Dvořák, Ph.D., ČVUT Praha, pracoviště UCEEB, Ing. Jan Koller, Ph.D., ČVUT Praha, Fakulta elektotechnická (FEL)
This paper describes extinguishing experiments to verify the possibility of increasing the efficiency of extinguishing low, medium and high pressure water mist charging by the electric field of high DC voltage. The experimental results confirmed the effects of the electrical voltage, the configuration of electrodes (anode, cathode), the volumetric water flow rate, water pressure and the type of mist nozzle. Higher extinguishing effect electrically charged water mist to extinguish showed a shorter times to extinguishment, a smaller volume of water to extinguish the fire and extinguishing a higher percentage of successful attempts. Benefit: faster and more efficient fire- fighting with less risk of injury and less consequential damages in a protected space.

Risks and safety of smart devices

3.4.2017 | Ing. Michal Lom, doc. Ing. Ondřej Přibyl, Ph.D.
One of the main trend of the 21st century in the field of electronic products and information technology is uniquely accessing of devices via the Internet and their remote monitoring and control. Such devices are generally called as smart. In general awareness will begin to receive designation as a smart city, smart street, smart building, smart TV, smart thermostat, smart refrigerator, or even smart light bulb. The flip side of that has not still been publicly spoken is the cyber security of these devices against hacker attacks from the Internet.
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